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Why ‘Alagbede’? — Jaiye Kuti opens up on her new movie



Why 'Alagbede'? -- Jaiye Kuti opens up about her new movie

Nollywood veteran Jaiye Kuti has made a significant stride in her career, transitioning from acting to cinema movie production with her debut film “Alagbede” (Blacksmith).

In an exclusive interview with, the actress opened up about her journey in the movie industry spanning over two decades and the motivations behind her venture into cinema production.

During the interview, Jaiye Kuti emphasized the challenges and dedication required to become a successful box office movie producer, highlighting the years of experience that industry peers like Funke Akindele and Toyin Abraham had accrued before venturing into cinema production.

Reflecting on the inspiration behind “Alagbede,” Kuti expressed a desire to create a narrative that resonates with the youth, particularly focusing on the struggles of artisans often overlooked in society. She emphasized the importance of living authentically and avoiding the trap of comparison in one’s life journey.

The genesis of “Alagbede” stemmed from a real-life incident shared on a radio program, prompting Kuti to craft a story addressing the pitfalls of pursuing illicit wealth, especially among the youth.

Despite financial constraints, Kuti’s determination drove her to borrow resources and enlist support from others to realize her dream of producing a cinema-worthy film. Grateful for the assistance she received, particularly from her sister and friend Motunrayo, Kuti shared insights on the challenges involved in bringing a cinema movie to fruition.

Why 'Alagbede'? -- Jaiye Kuti opens up about her new movie

“When I was producing I didn’t have enough money to run the movie. To produce a cinema movie is no joke. I had to borrow and bring other people on board to achieve this dream and I am grateful to my sister and friend, Motunrayo for coming through.”

Explaining the choice of the title “Alagbede” (Blacksmith), Jaiye Kuti emphasized her intention to shed light on the struggles of average artisans striving to provide for their families amidst societal challenges.

“My desire to share the struggles of the average artisans inspired the name. My desire to their stories and not another banker, doctor or lawyer’s stories help inspire Alagbede.”

She aimed to offer a fresh perspective by delving into the narratives of everyday individuals rather than the typical portrayals of professionals like bankers, doctors, or lawyers.

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