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Jaiye Kuti Criticizes Fellow Nollywood Actors for Online Begging Trend



Renowned Nollywood actress Jaiye Kuti has caused a significant uproar on the internet after a video clip emerged of her reprimanding her colleagues and other movie stars for what she perceives as a disturbing new trend of publicly begging for money.

In the clip, Jaiye Kuti expressed her disappointment, stating that the recent behavior of her colleagues has brought shame and disgrace to the Yoruba faction of the Nigerian movie industry.

She criticized their reliance on social media platforms, particularly Instagram, to solicit financial support from the public.

The actress did not mince her words, pointing out that many of her fellow actors have only themselves to blame for their current predicaments. Jaiye Kuti emphasized that they failed to adequately prepare for their old age, leading them to resort to desperate measures such as online begging.

According to Jaiye, some of those seeking financial assistance now were careless and extravagant during their heyday as actors.

She compared the movie industry with other professions and lamented that many of her colleagues had neglected to set up pension funds or plan for their future, leaving them vulnerable in their later years.

Watch below;


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