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“What they’ll be saying in the dressing room” — Roy Keane



"What they'll be saying in the dressing room" -- Roy Keane

Manchester United legend and former captain Roy Keane following the team’s defeat at Old Trafford on Sunday, still finds it difficult to understand the players’ approach to the game.

Following the 1-0 defeat to the Red Devils’ traditional foe, Roy Keane went all in on Sky Sports in delivering scathing criticism on the display at Old Trafford.

According to the former captain, he alleged that the Arsenal players would have gone into the dressing room and had a good laugh at how easy they found Manchester United to play against.

Keane labeled the win for Mikel Arteta’s side as “easy” and suggested that the Arsenal players found the encounter straightforward.

The sole goal of the match came from Leandro Trossard, propelling Arsenal back to the top of the Premier League table. However, Keane implied that the victory was more a result of Manchester United’s shortcomings rather than Arsenal’s exceptional performance.

“Arsenal players will be in the dressing room saying, ‘how easy was that’ – they hardly got into second gear.”

In his assessment, Keane remarked that Arsenal players would have been surprised at the lackluster display from Manchester United, indicating that they didn’t need to push themselves beyond “second gear” to secure the win. He highlighted Arsenal’s efficiency in capitalizing on their goal and maintaining defensive solidity throughout the game.

“They knew when they got their goal and were so solid at the back, it was game over. I bet Arsenal couldn’t believe how bad Manchester United were.”