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The injuries are on purpose – Manchester United legends accuse



The injuries are on purpose – Manchester United legends accuse

Manchester United legends stir more controversy in the club as Wayne Rooney and Roy Keane accuse players of elongating their injuries so they can stay in shape for the Euros.

Wayne Rooney and Roy Keane came for the necks of Manchester United players following United’s defeat to Arsenal at Old Trafford. The match, which saw Arsenal emerge victorious with a 1-0 score line, saw Rooney pointing fingers at some of United’s injured players.

In an interview with Sky Sports after the game, Rooney hinted at a lack of commitment from certain players towards their recovery, insinuating that they might be prolonging their injuries to avoid playing.

“I’ve said this a few weeks ago, the players need to look at themselves. I feel some players are just trying to get to the end of the season. 

Rooney expressed his dismay, suggesting that some players may be prioritizing their availability for upcoming events such as the European Championship and the FA Cup final over their current club commitments.

“As we look at the injuries, some of them players can play. Yes, 100%. It’s easy, you’ve got a European Championship coming up, an FA Cup final coming up – it’s easy for the players, because they’re getting a bit of stick now, to stay out for a little bit and come back for the FA Cup final and get ready for the European Championships.”

Rooney’s comments came in light of United’s significant injury woes, with key players like Bruno Fernandes, Marcus Rashford, and Luke Shaw sidelined due to various fitness issues.

“I’ve seen it myself over the years, I just think the players who are injured are not filling themselves with any credit at the minute and the manager is going to take all the stick for that.”

He emphasized that certain injured players could still feature for the team, implying that their absence might be more about choice than necessity.

For former Manchester United captain Roy Keane, he echoed Rooney’s sentiments, expressing concern over the commitment of players towards their recovery. Keane highlighted a common phenomenon in football, where players might be hesitant to rush back from injury, potentially impacting their team’s performance.

“Obviously, that’s not a good sign. You’d hope players who are carrying injuries are desperate to get back playing again. There is always a worry, there is always players at every club that can drag their heels with an injury. Generally, players I played with when they were given a period they’d be injured for, they were always trying to knock a week off it and get back playing for Manchester United or whatever club they’re at.”