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“Help us save our Colleague” — AGN begs Nigerians



"We need help to save Amaechi Muonagor" -- AGN begs Nigerians

The Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) has called upon Nigerians and philanthropists to extend financial assistance to veteran actor Amaechi Muonagor, who is battling kidney disease, diabetes, and stroke.

Emeka Rollas, the National President of AGN, made a heartfelt appeal through an Instagram post, urging for collective support for Amaechi Muonagor during this challenging period. Rollas shared a picture from his visit to the ailing actor, accompanied by fellow colleagues, underscoring the gravity of Muonagor’s health condition.

Acknowledging the AGN’s initial approval of financial aid from the guild’s trust fund, Rollas highlighted that more substantial assistance is imperative considering Muonagor’s medical expenses, particularly in relation to the Guild’s Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) and insurance policy.

Expressing concern, Rollas emphasized the significance of actors enrolling in the AGN’s HMO and Insurance programs to mitigate such challenging situations in the future.

In a collective plea, Rollas called upon fans, well-wishers, and fellow Nigerians to unite in supporting Muonagor during this critical phase, rallying for a joint effort from philanthropic individuals to provide essential assistance in his time of dire need.

Rollas in quote stated;

“Few days ago I led few of my colleagues and one of our National Patrons, High Chief Ejiamatu Nwokeabia to check on Amaechi Muonagor. He is in high spirits as witnessed by the people who accompanied me.

“I have approved some money to be sent to his account from the AGN TRUST FUND, which may obviously not be enough due to his records with the Guild HMO & Insurance policy.

“I, therefore, use this medium to appeal to young actors to sign up for the AGN HMO and Insurance programmes.

“All fans and well-wishers of Amechi Muonagor should join hands with other philanthropic Nigerians to support him in this dire time of need.”