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VIDEO: Doughnuts/Dough Recipe/How To Make Doughnuts




Doughnuts/Dough Recipe/How To Make Doughnuts




These doughnuts are crispy, fluffy, soft, buttery, sweet, fresh, what else !!!! fresh doughnuts are delicious.

Ingredients for 8-10 doughnuts: plain flour 300g (2cups-pressed) milk 110g (120ml)(1/2 cup+2tbsp) Instant yeast 1+1/4tsp sugar 37g (3tbsp) salt 5g (3/4 tsp) egg 49g (1) butter 30g (2tbsp) notes: 1.If you over-proof it could deflate when you try to lift it for frying. 2.If you under proof doughnuts will not be fluffy enough. 3. temperature of the oil should be 170°C or medium. 4. high heat will burn the outside before inside cooked properly. 5. under cooked doughnut will have strong yeast smell. 6. over cooked doughnut will be dense.

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