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VIDEO: 101 Ways To Make Money in Africa – Business Ideas for Entrepreneurs in Africa – Rice




101 Ways To Make Money in Africa – Business Ideas for Entrepreneurs in Africa – Rice When most people think of agriculture in Africa, images of poor and overworked farmers with crude tools on a rural farm readily come to mind. Many, especially young Africans, still think that agribusiness is a poor man’s occupation. Nowadays everybody wants a white-collar office job in the city. Agribusiness is hardly on anyone’s mind. Did you know that Africa sits on an agribusiness goldmine but most people just dont’t see it? If you’re one of the blind, allow me to open your eyes with a few exciting facts you need to know about agribusines in Africa… Did you know that Africa’s richest man, Aliko Dangote, recently invested $1 billion in rice production? Every year, Africa spends billions of dollars on rice imports, and Dangote surely wants a juicy slice of the market. Local cultivation and production of rice presents a huge business opportunity for the continent. If the billions of dollars that are spent everyday on rice imports are spent on the local economy, this would boost the lucrativeness of rice for not just local farmers, but for the entire rice market value chain. In this short video, you’ll see how AfricaRice, a local company, is using rice produced by local farmers to create more market friendly products for the local market. This innovative strategy is sure to significantly boost the value of locally produced rice. Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Kenya, Ethiopia, Zambia and Zimbabwe are just a few of the most promising countries on the continent in ongoing transformation for rice production in Africa.

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