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“Trossard shouldn’t have scored” — Owen slams Wan-Bissaka



"Trossard shouldn't have scored" -- Owen slams Wan-Bissaka

“For someone who is in the team purely for his defending, Trossard shouldn’t be able to nick in front of him,” Former Manchester United forward Michael Owen says following the Red Devils’ defeat to Arsenal in the weekend.

The ex-Manchester United star was very critical over United defender Aaron Wan-Bissaka who presumably left an opening for Arsenal’s forward Leandro Trossard to tap in the winning goal from close range.

In a tightly contested match, Arsenal emerged victorious with a 1-0 win that propelled them back to the top of the Premier League table. The lone goal of the match came in the 20th minute, courtesy of Leandro Trossard, with the assist provided by Kai Havertz.

Michael Owen, speaking on Premier League Productions, highlighted Wan-Bissaka’s defensive lapse that contributed to Arsenal’s decisive goal. He criticized the Right-Back for lack of awareness, particularly in allowing Trossard to exploit the defensive line and score.

“Amrabat flies forward, he is trying to keep that line and doesn’t know that Casemiro isn’t with him,” Owen asserted. “I do look at Wan-Bissaka as well. Trossard shouldn’t be able to nick in front of him here. It’s very basic defending,” 

Following the defeat, Manchester United could potentially be out of European competitions next season.