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Tinubu rejects blame game, lists how to tackle Nigeria’s challenges



"Nigerians should be patient with Tinubu to address insecurity, bad economy" - FG speaks amidst outcry

President Bola Tinubu has emphasised his commitment to taking decisive action to address Nigeria’s socioeconomic difficulties, stressing that he does not blame previous administrations for the country’s current state.

Tinubu spoke during the opening of the Agric Mechanisation Revolution for Food Security in Minna, Niger State, about his desire to enact changes that will strengthen the nation’s financial stability and move it forward.

“When you read the papers, some of us are confused about whether to abuse the present or the past (governments) or make excuses for the future,” the President told the gathering, which was graced by governors including the host, Mohammed Umar Bago, as well as agriculture enthusiasts.

“(It’s) not in my dictionary,” the President stated, adding that his focus was to “take action now, do your best, re-engineer the finances of the country and stay ahead of the right path. Those who may be complaining now have to understand that perseverance and consistency will make a nation great.”

Tinubu’s comments came amid continuous discussions about the origins of Nigeria’s socioeconomic and security challenges.

While some members of his administration have attributed these issues to the previous government’s policies, Tinubu has stated that his priority is to execute the required reforms to steer the country correctly.

Recognising the intricacies of Nigeria’s current predicament, Tinubu advised perseverance and consistency, emphasising that overcoming obstacles necessitates collaborative effort and dedication.

He urged Nigerians to see the country’s troubles as chances for economic growth and development, especially in agricultural and animal production.

Tinubu promised to work closely with governors to deliver answers to specific concerns, such as Nigeria’s currency decline and the impact of herders on agricultural lands.

He informed governors that his administration was committed to developing comprehensive plans to handle challenges such as agricultural land distribution and herder-farmer conflict resolution.

“I know what it means as an act of economic sabotage when for roaming cows to eat up the crops and vegetations of our lands. I know it could be painful but when we reorient the herders and make provision for cattle rearing, (this will end).

“You are the governors who must provide the land. Provide us the land. I, as the President, I am committed to giving you in two, three weeks’ time, a comprehensive programme that will this problem.”

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