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“It is not in my character to put blame on past government” – Tinubu speaks on minimum wage



"It is not in my character to put blame on past governments" - Tinubu speaks

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu stated that he does not believe in putting the blame on the previous government for the current economic challenges and security issues in the nation.

At the launch of Agric Mechanisation Revolution for Food Security in Minna, Niger State, on Monday, March 11, Tinubu expressed his dedication to implementing necessary measures to improve the country’s finances and advance towards success.

In a recent statement, the President, Tinubu, instead of putting blame on the past government, emphasized that he is implementing necessary reforms to lead the nation towards prosperity.

He said;

“When you read the papers, some of us are confused whether to abuse the present or the past (governments) or make excuses for the future.

“(It’s) not in my dictionary. Take action now, do your best, re-engineer the finances of the country and stay ahead on the right path. Those who may be complaining now have to understand that perseverance and consistency will make a nation great.

“It is that time for Nigeria to face the challenge and make it an economic opportunity. We must care for people and harness our farming population, including livestock farming.”

During the launch of the Food Security and Agricultural Mechanization Programme in Niger State, Tinubu reiterated his administration’s dedication to achieving food sufficiency and safeguarding local industries for sustainable economic development.

An initiative by the Niger State government involves deploying advanced agricultural machinery and technology to enhance large-scale agro-value chain development in the state.

President Tinubu emphasized at the inauguration that the event marked progress in the food security and agricultural mechanization agenda. He stated that Nigeria must increase its ability to provide food for its citizens and generate surplus for export.

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