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Threads introduces new control options for quoting posts



Threads rolls out quote control feature to all users

In a bid to offer users more autonomy over their posts, Threads is introducing a feature that grants users control over who can quote their posts.

This new functionality allows users to specify whether only those they follow can quote their posts or if quoting is entirely disabled.

Adam Mosseri, Head of Instagram, announced this update over the weekend, expressing hopes that it will contribute to maintaining Threads as a more positive space.

While initially tested among a select group of Threads users last month, this feature is now being rolled out to all users.

With over 150 million monthly users, Threads continues to evolve by incorporating additional features aimed at enhancing safety and the overall user experience, drawing inspiration from Instagram.

Last month, it introduced the Hidden Words feature, enabling users to filter out specific terms from their feeds.

Threads has also begun testing options for archiving posts, providing users with the ability to archive posts either manually or automatically after a selected expiration date.

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