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“These measures they are taking will not work” — Primate Ayodele



"These measures they are taking will not work" -- Primate Ayodele

If they don’t do the right thing, Nigeria will buy dollars for N1,700, a bag of rice will cost N90,000 — Clergy man, Primate Ayodele hits hard on Tinubu’s administration.

Primate Elijah Ayodele doesn’t mince words in his attack on current President Bola Tinubu and whatever measures his administration is putting in towards tackling the dwindling Nigerian economy.

The leader of the INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, in his criticism of the current administration, issued a stern warning to the President amidst growing concerns over the adverse effects of the federal government’s economic policies in Nigeria.

Expressing deep concern over the current state of the nation’s economy, Primate Ayodele cautioned that failure to take immediate corrective measures could lead to the collapse of Nigeria’s economy.

In a statement released by his media assistant, Osho Oluwatosin, Primate Ayodele emphasized that urgent action was required from President Tinubu to avert a looming crisis.

Highlighting the grim economic forecast, Primate Ayodele predicted a drastic scenario where the exchange rate of the dollar could soar to ₦1,700, with the price of a bag of rice skyrocketing to ₦90,000 if decisive steps were not taken to address the prevailing chaos gripping the nation. The Nigerian Tribune reported on Ayodele’s warnings.

“If they don’t do the right thing, Nigeria will buy dollars for N1,700, a bag of rice will cost N90,000 and it will kill the economy. They don’t seem to have ideas will not help the situation.’’

In his statement, Primate Ayodele stressed the necessity for implementing measures such as enhancing security, reducing the prices of essential food items, ensuring adequate electricity supply, and promoting local products.

“They need to put security in place, reduce the prices of food commodities, provide enough electricity and promote local products. This will help the government and will crash the dollars.

‘’All these measures they are taking will not work; it will just lead to inflation.

Warning against ineffective policies, Primate Ayodele cautions that merely adopting temporary measures would exacerbate the situation, leading to further economic strain.

He has urged that proactive strategies and innovative solutions be taken to address the pressing challenges facing the nation.