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There’s Nothing Serious about the Agitations, they are all Politics–Gumi



There’s Nothing Serious about the Agitations, they are all Politics--Gumi

There’s nothing serious about all the so called agitations by the ethnic groups, they are all politically motivated to achieve power, Islamic scholar, Abubakar Gumi states.

This comes in response to the coming 2023 general elections where Gumi notes that the wave of agitations by rights group or ethnic associations have lessened as a result of a politician who these groups share a tie with are in the running for President.

The Islamic scholar noted this via his Facebook platform where he pointed at the delusions that the agitations were based on, particularly with the secessionist groups; IPOB and Oduduwa Republic.

There’s Nothing Serious about the Agitations, they are all Politics--Gumi

Gumi points out how the agitations of the Indigenous People of Biafra has significantly reduced with its choice of candidate, Peter Obi standing to contest for the Presidency under the Labor Party.

Likewise it’s zero silence on the part of those agitating for the Oduduwa nation with the emergence of Bola Tinubu.

There’s Nothing Serious about the Agitations, they are all Politics--Gumi

The Islamic scholar did not stop there as he calls on the treaty pact that was signed in Zamfara between bandits and locals. He acknowledges how the violence and conflict were far more of a political nature than the common Nigerian airing their grievances.

He wrote:

“The 2022 presidential Run is on set ready for Go!

“The just-concluded Eid celebrations in MADA village Zamfara that witnessed banditry and migrations of locals a few months earlier this year had peaceful Sallah celebrations because the locals have gone into a peace treaty with the bandits. Peace works more than violence! People are learning from that. This is politics. So after all the conflict is political.

“The IPOB rhetoric and loud voice of Biafra agitations have muffled out with the emergence of Peter Obi as the Labor party presidential candidate. To them, Igbos have a platform. It’s clear now that the entire IPOB outcry was a political gimmick to get power.

“The Oduduwa clamours have abated also since Tinubu has clinched the APC ticket never to resurface again until probably if he didn’t win the race.

“Northern Ultra conservatives too have no mouth to speak of marginalization or suppression of representation, the NNPP kwankwaso has satisfied that segment of the society. No more claims of candidate suppression and manipulation.

“Those cosmopolitan nationalists and full democrats can finally say that the people’s Democratic Party also represented their aspirations. The late National Security Adviser General Andrew Owoeye Azazi once blamed the PDP’s zoning and power rotation arrangements for the increased spate of violence in the country.

“Therefore President Jonathan went ahead to disrupt it. This was good for the democrats. The straw that broke the camel’s back.

“Those that are religiously inclined like the American Republican party, have in this race the APC, LP, and other parties that presented the same religion president/ Vice President Ticket or their religious preference candidate as the president.

“Every Nigerian political persuasion and aspiration is well represented and the choice is left for Nigerians to elect. This is true democracy. So we are optimistic that 2023 will bring the maturity of our chosen system of governance to the optimum.

“This is the elephant in the Room, political pundits and commentators are shying away to say. I have no party; I once opposed OBJ, GEJ, and PMB all as politicians publicly because of what I see as bad policies or governance. Nothing personal.

“Our only problem now is whether I.N.E.C. will conduct free, fair, and Transparent Elections?

“Time will tell. May Allah bring peace, tranquillity, stability, and progress to our Nation. And also give us working frictionless governance. Amin”