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‘There are problems money cannot solve’ – Yinka Ayefele reveals what he learnt before the arrival of his triplets



'There are problems money cannot solve' - Yinka Ayefele reveals what he learnt before the arrival of his triplets


Father of triplets and music producer, Yinka Ayefele shares some of the lessons life taught him as he waited for more than 20 years before the arrival of his triplets .

Yinka Ayefele, is a Nigerian music producer, gospel singer, radio presenter and founder of Fresh FM Radio Station, Ibadan. He is the father of three lovely children, a girl and two boys and waited for over 20 years before they finally arrived. The 53-year-old singer, in a chat with PUNCH, said;

I learnt a lot of lessons during our waiting period. I learnt to grow a thick skin to what some people say. I learnt endurance, perseverance and tolerance. If anything at all, I learnt that money is not the solution to every problem. As a matter of fact, there are many problems that money cannot solve. My message to awaiting couples is that they should keep hope alive. Yes, my wife underwent a lot of pressure but I did not fear that she would leave me.  I never had that feeling. What me and my wife share is very special and the feelings we have for each other is so great for me to ever conceive that idea.”

Describing his achievements and expressing gratitude to God, Yinka Ayefele said;

“I have produced more than 25 records since he released his debut album on December 12, 1998, at Premier Hotel, Ibadan. I am a music producer, gospel artiste, radio presenter and the Chairman/Chief Executive Officer of Fresh FM with stations in Ibadan (Oyo State), Abeokuta (Ogun State) and Ado Ekiti (Ekiti State). With the help of God, I also own a hotel and a chain of business across the country.

I have toured all the states in the United States of America with my band, ‘’The Merrymakers’. I have also performed in other countries such as Canada, England, Ireland and South Africa. I am a Member of the Order of the Niger as well. My childhood dream was to be a broadcaster and musician. Thankfully, those aspirations have become a reality today.”


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