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Terrorists launch attack on Military Base in Borno



Boko Haram terrorists launch attack on Military Brigade in Borno

Boko Haram terrorists have reportedly carried out a deadly ambush in the Lake Chad area of Borno State, resulting in the tragic death of an army lieutenant and two vigilante members.

This attack occurred just five days after the military successfully took control of the Boko Haram enclave in Krenowa, located in the Marte Local Government Area of the state.

The military’s operation to secure the Boko Haram stronghold in Krenowa was part of ongoing efforts to intensify the fight against the terrorist group.

However, according to sources cited by Daily Trust, soldiers from the 50 Task Force Brigade faced a fierce ambush at Krenowa village on a Saturday.

During the ambush, the soldiers, numbering over a hundred and equipped with various resources, came under heavy bombardment, compelling them to withdraw from the area.

Regrettably, the terrorists managed to inflict damage, forcing the soldiers to abandon 12 out of the 15 motorbikes deployed for the operation. The military contingent retreated to Marte town, revealing the challenging circumstances faced during the operation.

The source disclosed that an Armored Personnel Carrier (APC) tank sustained damage in the attack, with the driver managing to escape but suffering a leg injury.

The intensity of the terrorists’ firepower prevented the immediate recovery of the bodies of the slain army lieutenant, a member of the civilian Joint Task Force (JTF), and another vigilante member.