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Boko Haram insurgents abduct Passengers on Maiduguri/Kano highway



Boko Haram abduct Passengers on Maiduguri/Kano highway

Suspected Boko Haram insurgents have abducted an unknown number of passengers along the Maiduguri/Kano highway, according to sources speaking to Daily Trust. The incident occurred between Garin Kuturu and Mannanari village, near Auno, along the Damaturu highway at approximately 5:50 p.m. on Monday.

Witnesses reported that the insurgents blocked the highway, forcefully taking away several passengers. This attack left hundreds of travelers and commuters stranded on both sides of the usually busy road, forcing many to return to nearby towns Benishek and Auno.

“There was an incident between Mannanari and Garin Kuturu where some Boko Haram fighters came out to block the upcoming vehicles and some passengers were abducted,” a source confirmed. “We are not sure of the number as we speak, but certainly there was an abduction on Monday evening.”

Residents in the Maiduguri/Kano highway area described how numerous commercial drivers sought temporary refuge in their community during the attack.

“They came out with three wheelbarrows, and I believe they were looking for foodstuff. We don’t know how many people were abducted, but some commercial drivers came back and later returned to Maiduguri before the military reinforcement arrived,” one resident recounted.