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Tiv-Hausa land dispute in Taraba ends as Tiv community relocates



The longstanding land dispute between the Tiv and Hausa communities in Bali Local Government Council of Taraba State has finally reached a resolution with the relocation of the Tiv community to a different area.

Alhaji Abubakar Mahmoud, the traditional ruler of Jibu chiefdom, spearheaded the relocation of the Tiv community of Dugwer to another part of the chiefdom.

This move announced on Thursday in Taraba, aims to put an end to the prolonged conflict between the Tiv and Hausa communities in the region.

Mahmoud clarified that the relocation is part of an effort to achieve an out-of-court settlement and bring about lasting peace in the area.

“By allocating this new land, we hope to resolve the land dispute amicably, allowing the Tiv community to continue their farming activities without any hindrance,” Mahmoud stated.

The conflict, which had previously seen legal action, was withdrawn from court to facilitate a negotiated resolution. Mahmoud advised the Tiv community to remain vigilant against individuals who may seek to stoke further conflicts for personal gain.

Expressing gratitude for the resolution, Aper Agera, the representative of the Tiv community, accepted the new land on behalf of his people. He commended the monarch, the council’s leadership, and the state government for putting an end to the longstanding dispute.

However, Agera highlighted a concern regarding the size of the new land allocated to the Tiv community. While the land taken from them measured about 600 square kilometres, the new allocation is only about 200 square kilometres. He urged the authorities to locate additional land to meet the needs of the Tiv community adequately in their new area.

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