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Success can be very cheap



Hello TopNaijarians!

It is with great pleasure that I write to express my deep gratitude for your loyal followership and readership since inception of this great platform.

We remain resolutely committed to bringing you life-changing contents capable of moving you to the next level towards living your dreams.

In line with this, I also commit to share some of the things that have worked and are working for me with you from time to time.

You see, life can be very easy and success can be very cheap when you know exactly what to do.

Diverse descriptions and definitions have been given to the term success, and this has resulted in its misconception by numerous people.

In the real sense, success actually means the actualization of a fore-set aim, goal or objective. When you set a goal before you, put it on paper, give it a time frame, act on it as planned, and finally achieve it as initially projected; that is when you are right to claim success.

You could set a goal of setting up your own business or increasing your bank statement figure, and achieve it; you have just succeeded in realizing a set goal. That’s simply what success is about: realization of set goals.

Picture this. In your outing one day, you saw a unique Range Rover car that won your love. You loved the car so much that you couldn’t stop thinking about it till you got home. Getting home, its drive got you writing it into your goals book, and you wrote; “By the 21st of August 2010, I must have purchased a black Range Rover”.

Then, on the evening of the 21st day of August 2010, after having taken some actions as planned, your black Range Rover slept in your compound. That’s it! You have just succeeded in realizing the goal of your dream car through the principle of goal setting. What a simple and fantastic adventure success is!

Goals are the routes to success. And every success, either big or small, begins with a goal, either consciously or unconsciously. Success is never achieved without goals. Goals precede success. The realization of every dream is in goal setting.

Now you will agree with me that anyone can achieve success in anything he sets out to do as far as he can plan, set goals and act towards realizing them. It is plans that separate achievers from ordinary dreamers.

The difference between the average and wealthy man is simply their abilities to think and set goals. The wealthy man sets big goals while the average man insists on small goals (if he sets at all). Thus the wealthy man gets great results and the average man keeps producing little results.

Both of them are actually successful (in achieving their goals), but the constant difference is the mentality of big and small goals they possess respectively. The cause of the little level of result the average man produces is his ignorance of the fact that we can never exceed our level of expectation.

Nature would never bless you beyond your level of expectation; it gives you only what you can visualise, what you are expectant of handling. Little wonder John Johnson said, “Your success in life depends not on the place of your birth or colour of your skin but by the size of your hope”.

Our lives will only change to the degree at which we change our thoughts. The quality of our lives will always be determined by the quality of our thoughts and expectations. We can’t rise above the level at which we think.

To change our lives, we need to change what goes on in our minds. We achieve only in proportion of what we endeavour. You need to think big to achieve big. What you can’t conceive you can’t achieve. We become really remarkable when we start thinking we can do great things. From now, invest more in your thoughts and think big towards living your dreams.

NB: I also wish to use this medium to appreciate everyone that contributed to the success of our annual conference The Success Stories Africa 2017, as powered by We are very grateful.

To your empowerment,

Isaac Oladipupo


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