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Dangote crashes down price of Diesel



Dangote crashes down price of Diesel

In a move set to alleviate economic burdens, Dangote Petroleum Refinery has announced a substantial reduction in the price of diesel, slashing it from N1,200 to N1,000 per litre.

This announcement comes merely three weeks after the refinery initially lowered the price to N1,200, marking a notable 16.67% decrease from the previous market rate of approximately N1,600 per litre.

The refinery elucidated that this significant adjustment in diesel pricing aims to catalyze positive impacts across all sectors of the economy while addressing the prevalent challenge of high inflation rates in the country.

The reduction in diesel costs is poised to offer relief to businesses and consumers alike, potentially mitigating the strain of rising expenses and bolstering economic activities.

Dangote Petroleum Refinery’s decision underscores a proactive approach toward addressing economic challenges and fostering sustainable growth prospects in Nigeria.