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“She must be super smart for me not to think of sex” — Jim Iyke



"She must be super smart for me not to think of sex" -- Jim Iyke

‘A woman has to be super smart for me not to think of sex when you spend the whole night with me’ — Nollywood actor, Jim Iyke says in a recent interview with media personality, Toke Makinwa.

Nollywood star, Jim Iyke is sure to spark a lot of conversation on the internet after making a debatable statement on his idea of a woman spending the night with him for a movie date.

In the interview, Jim Iyke expressed his preference for movie dates over fine dining, asserting a unique stipulation: “you must pay.”

During the engaging conversation, Iyke’s comment prompted Makinwa to delve further into the nature of the payment required for such movie nights.

The actor forthrightly conveyed the challenges he faces in abstaining from sexual thoughts when hosting a movie date at his residence, stating,

“Something brought you to the house. You knew what was going to happen before you got to that house. Don’t bring modernity into it; you must collect.”

Iyke elaborated on the underlying expectations in such scenarios, highlighting a mutual understanding between the individuals involved. He emphasized that it is incumbent upon the woman to meet these expectations or navigate them through alternative means.

The actor stressed the necessity for women to display exceptional intellect and engaging conversation to deter his inclination towards sexual thoughts during a movie night spent together.

He remarked,

“You better be super smart for me not to think sexually when you spend the whole night watching movies with me.”