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Russian Star Says She Regrets Not Being A Nun



Her father is a puritan priest who raised her to stay away from men.
She now says she regrets not becoming a nun.
Margarita Kern, 27, is a popular Russian TV star but says she wants to reconnect with her estranged father – who is a priest.

But she rebelled and ran away from her family home 10 years ago – that was the last time she spoke to her dad.

Margarita says she hasn’t spoken to her father for 10 years.

And in a candid admission to her fan, she claimed that if she had a chance to go back in time, she would have become a nun.

She said it was her father’s wish that she would have joined a nunnery, and that she regrets not doing so.

Her fans sympathised with her plight and supported her decision to leave home.

One social media user said: “I think her father was too strict to her, this is why she rebelled soooo friggin’ badly.

“Maybe he should have been a little easier on her.”

But another user said: “To be honest I think any father won’t be able to accept such wild woman back. But let’s see.”


The busty celebrity noted that her father had previously promised to take her back and said she is determined to reignite their father-daughter relationship.

Margarita previously made headlines with a massive boob job.

Her 700ml breasts are among the biggest implants available but most plastic surgeons advise women not to go bigger than about half of that size.

Kern paid a whopping £30,000 for the surgery but said she was happy with the results and does not plan on going any bigger.

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