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Racist Cops kill a Black to provoke Outrage in Ohio



Racist Cops kill a Black to provoke Outrage in Ohio

It’s beginning to look like a movie on repeat in America as another report of racist cops killing a black rears its head to provoke outrage in the state of Ohio.

The Black man is identified as Jayland Walker who was reportedly gunned down in Akron, Ohio while attempting to run past a traffic stop.

According to the reports, the victim was shot by the police atleast 60 times after police body camera was viewed of the incident.

The Akron Police Department released a statement in defense stating the police tried to stop the 25 year old around 12:30 a.m. for traffic violation before ending up in a pursuit as he refused to stop.

Racist Cops kill a Black to provoke Outrage in Ohio

The victim then proceeded to slow down the vehicle before jumping right out of the moving car to evade the police.

The statement also added that Walker had ran straight into the parking lot with his actions portraying him as a deadly threat to them and civilians.

The police in their statement revealed they shot him and promptly called on medical services only for the victim to be pronounced dead.

Legal representative of the family, Bobby Dicello denied the police’s statement, revealing the body cam footage gotten of the incident in no way showed Walker as being a threat.

He noted that the Cops fired dozens of shots at Walker while he was fleeing with nothing in his hands that resembled a weapon.

DiCello in a report to The New York Times revealed that the city’s police chief in a meeting had told him there was no evidence that Walker did anything to put the officers “in fear” or require them to shoot.

Jayland Walker’s death has been contrasted with how the case of white man, Lance Storz was handled by the Kentucky Police.

Lance Storz, had killed three policemen, a dog while also injuring 5 other officers in Prestonburg while the police tried to serve him a warrant, but was arrested without any harm.


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