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Doctor filmed raping pregnant lady undergoing C-Section



Doctor filmed raping pregnant lady undergoing C-Section

It probably is one of the strangest reports that could come from a hospital specifically for a pregnant patient undergoing surgery for C-section.

The doctor is said to have reportedly been filmed though secretly orally defying a woman after sedating her.

The incident which happened at the Hospital da Mulher in Sao Joao de Meriti, in Rio Janeiro of Brazil, has a doctor identified as Giovanni Quintella Bezerra as the culprit.

The 32 year old was immediately arrested with the suspicion he may have raped two other mothers on the same day prior to being filmed.

According to the victim’s husband, he only knew of the incident on television when he recognized the suspect.

The woman accounts that it initially felt like an hallucination when she was being violated as she had felt dizzy after being sedated.

According to the reports, the hospital staff fearful of the amount of drugs the doctor had pumped into his patients, had secret camera fitted in to see what the Bezerra was up to.

Doctor filmed raping pregnant lady undergoing C-Section

The staffers were then shocked to see the doctor assaulting his patient for almost ten minutes.

One of the employees noted that on the second operation that took place on Sunday, July 10, Bezerra wore an open cloak to widen his figure and position himself in a way that prevented anyone from seeing the patient neck up.

According to the doctor’s victims, they noted how they were subconscious during the procedures with one saying:

“The only thing I remember from the surgery is his voice. He kept talking softly in my ear, it bothered me. He asked if I was okay.”

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