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PSG star attacked by knife-wielding thieves at Night



PSG star, Alexandre Letellier attacked by knife-wielding thieves

Monday night turned harrowing for Paris Saint-Germain goalkeeper Alexandre Letellier and his family as they faced a terrifying ordeal during a brazen home invasion by knife-wielding burglars on December 18.

The distressing incident unfolded when Alexandre Letellier, alongside his wife Chloe and their two young children aged six and two, were confronted by a group of four assailants demanding money and valuables during the break-in.

According to reports by RMC Sport in France, Letellier’s wife endured a blow to her face during the raid, adding to the shock and fear gripping the family.

The intrusion jolted the household awake as alarms blared at their residence in Yvelines, situated near Paris, around 2 am, following the criminals’ incursion into their property.

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Despite the swift call for police intervention, the burglars had already breached the premises, brandishing knives and threatening the family’s safety.

Law enforcement arrived promptly, managing to apprehend three of the culprits—comprising a 21-year-old adult and two minors aged 16. The trio was subsequently taken into custody by the Versailles judicial police, marking a quick response to the distressing event.

Amidst the apprehension, a police officer sustained a knee injury during the process of detaining the suspects.

Details from the scene revealed the discovery of a knife, while items pilfered from the Letellier household were found in possession of the apprehended individuals, as reported by RMC.