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Premier League delays date for Manchester City trial



Premier League delays date for Man City trial

The Premier League has reportedly delayed the date for its trial of Manchester City according to new reports.

In a trial touted to be the biggest in the history of the league, the English division is said to have fixed a date in which both parties will face independent panels.

The report comes courtesy of the Daily Mail as the Premier League is set to face off the English Champions in front of an independent panel over the club’s alleged Financial Fair Play (FFP) rule breaches.

Manchester City currently face charges of 115 alleged breaches of FFP regulations following a four-year investigation.

According to the Premier League, the breaches referred to a requirement to provide “accurate financial information that gives a true and fair view of the club’s financial position” in particular its “revenue”, “sponsorship revenue” and “operating costs”.

And judging from statements from those with knowledge of the situation, it is believed that a conclusion may not follow until after Manchester City manager, Pep Guardiola leaves the club.

This is reportedly to be at the end of next season which is when Guardiola’s current contract expires.

The news of course comes as a heavy hearted blow to Manchester City’s title rivals Liverpool and Arsenal, and by extension, its top 4 challengers.

With the trial set to be delayed, it will have no bearing on the title race this season.

Any potential punishment Manchester City may or may not face, will only come at a later date, which of course may not be of impact for the likes of Liverpool and Arsenal.

It is claimed the process is at the stage “where statements are being taken from witnesses” and will remain the case “until next spring”.