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Premier Academy student died with shocking Post Mortem test result



premier academy

14 years old Keren-Happuch Aondodoo Akpagher was a student of Premier Academy, Lugbe, Abuja. She was reported to be sick and had to leave school for treatment. Following reports showed she died days later.

The girl initially complained of eye problem. She was not granted permission to leave, instead transported to a clinic. This is where her mother met her.

Her mom contacted Premier Academy, asking they discharge her. They denied at first saying she should remain in isolation for seven days on her return. However, they at last permitted her to follow her mom home.

Her mom who at first was not enthused about taking her that Saturday 19/06/21 adjusted her perspective when her school mother educated her that Aondodoo couldn’t stroll to class on the 16/6/21 and was upheld by two companions to keep in touch with her test in tears.

On returning home with her mom on the 19/06/21, she became sick on Sunday night and was raced to Queens Clinic, Wuse, Abuja, on Monday, a release was seen from her vagina and was discovered to be condom after a lab test.

Her pee test uncovered dead spermatozoa and she passed on early long periods of Tuesday from hyperglycemia set off by sepsis coming about because of the disease brought about by the condom in her. More info.

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