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Two Sentenced to Prison For Kidnapping in Rivers State



Rivers state

The Magistrate Court, Port Harcourt, Rivers state sentenced Ada Ebere and Favour Godwin to 10 years and 15 years imprisonment respectively for conspiracy, stealing and child trafficking.

Promptly Chief Magistrate Felicitas Amanze articulated their sentences that the women were liable of each of the three charges. The women wept on the floor of the court, declining to follow the two female Correctional Center Officers.

Another female litigant, Kodirichi Nwankwo who barely got away from a prison sentence. Her case was offence that occurred at Igbo-Etche in Etche neighborhood government space of Rivers state since 2018. Where was involved in the snatching and offer of four-year-old Uwana Emmanuel was singing and lauding God.

Chief Magistrate Felicitas Amanze expressed why the Court chose not to send Nwankwo back to the Correctional Center. Explaining this was due to the four-year-old kid she was with. The kid was delivered while in jail care during the preliminary of the case.

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