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Portable lambasted by Kenyan OAP, Black Cinderella for ‘shaming’ kenyan girls



black cinderella and portable

Kenyan OAP, Black Cinderella has blasted ‘Zazoo Zeh’ singer, Portable for posting a ‘disturbing’ video on his Instagram handle. The OAP had said he is downgrading Kenya women.


Black Cinderella has blasted Portable on social media for posting about a Kenya lady rejecting his offer for a hook-up. Portable with his friends had laughed at the lady for refusing to have a hook up with him.


In a lengthy series of post made by the OAP, she pointed out that Portable is disgracing Kenyan women for such his behavior and he doesn’t have courtesy for women in general.


The OAP tagged some well Nigerian bloggers in her post to air her displeasure on what the Zazoo singer has been doing lately in the country. She also said that his coming to the country is a waste of time as he hasn’t visited any Kenyan national parks or any tourist attraction sites, instead, he has been insulting Kenya girls.


In a post, she wrote, “The video portable posted last night is not just embarrassing, it is an insult to Kenyan girls. No matter how you feel Kenyans are cheap or quiet. When you over stay your welcome we will throw you outside our Country without mercy. The people that brought Portable in Kenya I shame for you. Your business was to bring an artist to perform and make his money and leave. But daily, we are seeing the misuse of our girls. Live Abuse of drugs and so many more disgusting videos online.”


In another post, she wrote, “Worst of all since you came to Kenya you are the first celebrity that have not visited our national parks or even the giraffe center or any tourism attraction sites and showcase Kenya. Meaning that as a foreigner you are useless. You came to benefit from our country and then you start to misbehave. No Portable have overstayed his welcome. It is time to get out and go back to wherever the hell he came from if he like he can park Shakila and go and blow hre as the street pussy he is. 2 weyreys wey no get sense. PORTABLE NA STREET AMADIOKHA.”


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See the video Portable posted that made the Kenyan OAP blasted him;