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Microsoft enhances OneDrive with new offline mode for web users



Microsoft Lays off AI Team

Microsoft has rolled out a new offline mode for OneDrive on the web, aimed at boosting accessibility and productivity for users in work and school settings.

This update is part of a larger revamp of OneDrive, which includes UI enhancements and extra features.

With the new offline mode, users can access files marked for offline use and navigate OneDrive without an internet connection. They can also perform tasks like renaming, sorting, moving, and copying files offline, with changes syncing once they’re back online.

The offline mode also comes with performance improvements, making file interactions up to 3 times faster. This boost is achieved by storing certain file metadata locally, optimizing performance even when an internet connection is available.

Currently available for Microsoft 365 business and school accounts, this feature may become accessible to consumers in the future. Setting up the feature requires the latest OneDrive sync app for Windows or macOS.

This new feature works alongside the existing Files On-Demand functionality, giving users more control over which files are available offline on their computers.

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