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Microsoft rolls out ads in Windows 11 start menu



Windows 11 start menu ads: disabling tips & promotions

Microsoft has started displaying ads inside the Start menu on Windows 11, a move that could potentially disrupt users’ experience.

The Microsoft Windows 11 ads, included in update KB5036980, promote apps from the Microsoft Store, to encourage users to explore more apps.

Despite being described as “recommendations,” they essentially function as advertisements. Although Microsoft claims these ads come from a select group of developers, their sudden appearance has caught some users by surprise.

To address concerns, Microsoft allows users to disable these ads by toggling off the “Show recommendations for tips, app promotions, and more” option in Settings > Personalization > Start.

While the update is currently optional, Microsoft plans to push it to all Windows 11 devices soon.

This move is reminiscent of Microsoft’s past experiments with ads in Windows 10, including promotional spots in the lock screen and Start menu. Additionally, the company previously tested ads inside File Explorer in Windows 11 but later abandoned the idea.

The Start menu app recommendations in Windows 11: PHOTO CREDIT|MICROSOFT

The Start menu app recommendations in Windows 11: PHOTO CREDIT|MICROSOFT

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