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Nollywood veteran calls out Turkish Airlines for Discrimination



Omotola Jalade calls out Turkish Airlines for Discrimination

Renowned Nollywood actress Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde has raised concerns and accused Turkish Airlines of discriminatory practices against African travelers after experiencing a 40-hour flight without the screening of any Nigerian movies.

Taking to Instagram, the veteran actress voiced her disappointment, highlighting what she perceived as discrimination against African content during her lengthy flight.

Jalade-Ekeinde expressed dismay at the absence of any Nigerian movies in the airline’s entertainment offerings during her journey, noting that only films from Turkey, Asia, Bollywood, Hollywood, and the Middle East were featured.

In her social media post, she emphasized that African travelers often face higher fees when traveling to other parts of the world and yet are subjected to what she described as disrespect.

In her statement directed at Turkish Airlines, she wrote,

Omotola Jalade calls out Turkish Airlines for Discrimination

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“Dear @turkishairlines, like many other Foreign companies you might be discriminating against African Destinations and Travelers and that needs to stop.”

She further detailed her grievances, mentioning an unanticipated stop in Uganda that was not part of her initial booking, adding to the challenges of her lengthy travel.

The absence of any Nollywood movies during her flight prompted Jalade-Ekeinde to question the airline’s treatment of African travelers, especially considering their contributions to the airline’s business.

The actress’s remarks shed light on the perceived lack of representation of African content, specifically Nigerian movies, within the airline’s entertainment selection, sparking discussions about equitable representation and treatment of passengers from different regions.

Turkish Airlines is yet to respond to the actress’s claims regarding the absence of African movies during her extensive flight experience