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Not Going To Happen—AS Roma



Not Going To Happen—AS Roma

If there is one thing the Piers Morgan interview did not solve for football great, Cristiano Ronaldo, it’s the speculation that will follow regarding his future post Manchester United, and as it turns out, Serie A club, AS Roma are the latest to be linked with the Portuguese star.

The reports state that Cristiano Ronaldo was offered to AS Roma in January but was reportedly turned down by the club’s chief, Tiago Pinto in a recent statement.

After criticizing the club’s owners, the leadership, the manager, and his fellow players in an interview with esteemed journalist Piers Morgan, the 37-year-old is probably never going to play at Old Trafford again for Manchester United.

The 37-year-old claimed in the interview that he does not really care and insisted that the supporters should know the truth despite the fact that Manchester United is currently looking into the potential of terminating Ronaldo’s contract.

The former Real Madrid and Juventus superstar has now been passed up by Jose Mourinho’s team in the January transfer window.

Tiago Pinto, who serves as director of football of AS Roma, stated that the Italian team had never considered the possibility of signing Ronaldo.

“…The truth is that Cristiano has never been a possibility,” he told reporters in Portugal.

“These rumours have never had any basis, but in Italy we talk about three different players every day, it is perhaps normal to link the pieces together because Mourinho and I are Portuguese and Ronaldo is Portuguese, but this, I repeat, has never had any basis.”