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Nollywood: “Why I never wanted the fame” — Pat Attah



Nollywood: "Why I never wanted the fame" -- Pat Attah

A celebrity life wasn’t the one Pat Attah was looking for, and neither was he willing to put his privacy under microscopic eyes of those looking up to him.

Former Nollywood star Pat Attah has opened up on the many reasons behind his sudden disappearance from the Nigerian entertainment scene, for a quiet life in Germany.

In an honest chat with Teju Babyface, the 48-year-old actor revealed that his journey into entertainment was driven by a deep-seated passion for the arts, rather than the pursuit of fame.

Pat Attah shared that as his career progressed, the relentless public attention became overwhelming, leading him to reevaluate his life and make a significant change.

“When I got into the entertainment industry, I was not necessarily doing it for fame, I was doing it for the passion, the passion I have for the arts,” he explained.

The pressures of maintaining his celebrity status began to weigh heavily on Attah, who felt increasingly restricted by the expectations of his public persona.

Pat Attah: Why I stopped acting, relocated to Germany - TheCable Lifestyle

“Fame was not my goal when I got into entertainment, so when it got really too much, I felt like I was not living the normal life I would like to live. I was basically living my life for people,” he said.

“Because when you are famous, you automatically become a role model to a lot of people, there are certain things you want to do freely that you are restricted from doing to a large extent.”

Attah described his desire for a more liberated lifestyle, free from the scrutiny that came with his fame.

“You do not want people to think, ‘Why would Pat Attah get into a taxi? Why would he get on a bus? Why would he be riding a bicycle on the street?’ I was not living as freely as I would love to be,” he confessed.

This yearning for normalcy ultimately led him to relocate to Germany, a place where he could enjoy a more balanced and private life, despite still being recognized to some extent.