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Nollywood actress who escaped Ibadan explosion speaks



Nollywood actress who escaped Ibadan explosion speaks

Renowned Yoruba Nollywood actress, Aisha Lawal, has shared a harrowing near-death experience in the wake of the massive explosion that shook Ibadan on Tuesday night.

The incident, which claimed two lives and left 77 others injured, prompted the Oyo State Governor, Seyi Makinde, to confirm that the Ibadan explosion resulted from illegal miners storing explosive devices in a residential building on Dejo Oyeleye Street, Bodija area.

Governor Makinde highlighted the swift response of the state government, with first responders and relevant agencies promptly deployed to conduct search and rescue operations.

The Ibadan explosion has ignited concerns about the dangers posed by illegal mining activities in residential areas.

Aisha Lawal, taking to her Instagram page, recounted her close call with the disaster.

The popular actress revealed that she had initially parked her car to buy suya opposite the estate but later decided to move it to another location just before the explosion occurred.

Expressing her gratitude to God for her safety, Aisha Lawal shared her shock at the aftermath, alleging the presence of many dead bodies at the scene.

In her Instagram post, she wrote,

Nollywood actress who escaped Ibadan explosion speaks

“Alhamdulilah for today, I was at Bodija when the explosion happened, in fact, my ears are still ringing from the effect. Thank God for our lives.”

She continued,

“I even parked to buy suya opposite that Estate o! Now later moved my car from Sloggers Club to the Metro hotel on the same Osuntokun when it happened. Olohun anu oooooooo. Too many dead bodies, ehhhhhh what exactly is going on ooo. Olohun sanu oooo.”