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“No attacks on northerners in southeast” — IPOB,ESN



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The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and the Eastern Security Network (ESN) have firmly stated that they are not engaged in any attacks against Northerners in the Southeast region of Nigeria.

This declaration comes in response to accusations made by the Northern Elders Forum (NEF) alleging harassment and violence against Northerners and Fulanis in the area.

Emma Powerful, the spokesperson for IPOB, reiterated the group’s commitment to targeting only criminal elements and terrorists operating within the region.

He emphasized that law-abiding Northerners, including Fulanis, are free to conduct their legitimate businesses without facing any threat or intimidation from IPOB or ESN.

Powerful stated, “IPOB and ESN are solely focused on ensuring the safety and security of our people. We have no interest in attacking innocent individuals.”

In a strongly worded statement, Powerful criticized NEF, accusing them of spreading misinformation and attempting to sow discord among different ethnic groups.

He emphasized that IPOB and ESN are focused on maintaining peace and security in the Southeast, and any allegations suggesting otherwise are baseless.

Powerful added, “NEF’s claims are unfounded and are aimed at causing unnecessary tension in the region.

We urge them to refrain from making false accusations and instead work towards promoting harmony among all Nigerians.”

Furthermore, Powerful clarified IPOB’s position regarding recent incidents involving the slaughter of cows in the Southeast.

He explained that such actions were taken to prevent terrorists from occupying farmlands and destroying crops, in line with the ban on open grazing enforced by the South East governors since 2020.

Powerful emphasized, “Our actions are in defense of our land and our people. We will not allow criminal elements to undermine the security of our communities.”

In conclusion, IPOB and ESN reaffirmed their commitment to upholding the rule of law and protecting the lives and property of all law-abiding citizens, regardless of their ethnic background.

They called for unity and understanding among all Nigerians, urging Northerners to continue their activities in the Southeast without fear of harassment or violence.

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