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Reactions as Nigerian lady makes tons selling empty water bottles



Nigerian woman in Germany turns Empty water bottles into Profit

In a remarkable display of resourcefulness, a Nigerian woman residing in Germany, identified as Gifty, has turned empty water bottles into a lucrative source of income, demonstrating the potential for sustainable entrepreneurship.

Gifty’s entrepreneurial journey began when she discovered that empty bottles of water in Germany are not discarded but can be sold for a profit. Armed with this knowledge, she embarked on a venture that yielded unexpected returns.

According to reports, Gifty was able to sell six empty water bottles for a total of €7.50, equivalent to approximately N11,000 in Nigeria. This impressive feat highlights the value placed on recycling and sustainability in Germany, where recycling initiatives are widely practiced and encouraged.

Upon arriving at the designated location for bottle returns, Gifty deposited the empty bottles into a machine, which promptly counted them and determined their monetary worth. With the proceeds from the bottle sales, Gifty purchased a Rubik’s cube for her son, bringing joy and fulfillment to her family.

Gifty’s story resonated with audiences after she shared her experience on TikTok, garnering widespread attention and sparking conversations about life in Germany and the potential for entrepreneurial endeavors.

In response to Gifty’s video, viewers expressed curiosity and admiration, with some inquiring about the intricacies of life in Germany and others sharing their own experiences with bottle returns and recycling efforts.