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Why Arsenal will win the Premier League tonight



Why Arsenal will win the Premier League tonight

Manchester City would not be a 4th-time Lucky…

The Premier League match week 38 comes to an end tonight with the final conundrum of the 2023/24 season between Arsenal and Manchester City set to be answered at 6 pm latest upon the final whistle from the referees.

Like the English First Division has proven, time and again, there waits a final match day drama that will potentially leave fans talking in years to come. And with Arsenal and Manchester City still to go at it one last time in the 2023/24 campaign, hope isn’t lost no matter how one divide holds the advantage.

Many predictions have been made, many narratives have been had, all in the favor of Manchester City.

Why Arsenal will win the Premier League tonight

The feeling is the constant narrative that they have done it on the last day, not once, not twice but 3-times on the final match day to steal the premier league title from the grasp of their rivals. The 2011/2012 season was their most iconic under Roberto Mancini with the Sergio Aguero moment. Twice, they did it under Pep Guardiola to deny outgoing Liverpool manager the premier league title thanks to a single point advantage over the Reds.

Why Arsenal will win the Premier League tonight

And now, Manchester City head into the final match week on similar turf, a 2-point lead over Arsenal with West Ham United the opponent standing in the way of a 4th consecutive premier league title.

However, there stands a reason to believe that narrative may not factor tonight, and even though Pep Guardiola’s side has done it twice already, a third may likely not be there charm tonight.

There are a lot of superstitious narratives going the way for Arsenal, for those who want to be superstitious.

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This stands the 20th year since the Gunners last lifted the premier league title, with the 2003/04 season seeing Arsenal do the Invincible with 26 wins and 12 draws under Arsene Wenger. Mirroring that season, another European League side managed similar feat in Germany as 20-years after, Bayer Leverkusen lifted their first ever Bundesliga title going unbeaten all the season.

Talk about luck going the way of the 2023/24 season, the case with Bayer Leverkusen and Xabi Alonso starts said narrative.

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There is also the fact that Arsenal even bettered their 2003/04 season despite not going invincible as they managed to secure 27-wins, their most in the current premier league era. A win against Everton tonight, will make it 28-wins since Arsene Wenger last managed the club to a league title.

Throwing all that history aside, Manchester City have gone a decade or so, having a penchant for luck going their way on the final match day of a premier league season when in hot pursuit for the title. They have never been the victim but the victors, even when the team stood at the cusp of defeat.

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The Cityzens in 2011/12 were on the verge of defeat when Sergio Aguero rescued them. In the 2018/19 season, Brighton and Hove Albion had taken the lead against them while Liverpool had gone a goal up at Anfield against Wolves. In the 2021/22 season, though Liverpool could not take the lead, Aston Villa had created drama when they left Manchester City with a 2-0 deficit in the first half under Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard’s time managing the Birmingham side.

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In all 3 occasions, Man City came from behind to win the premier league. Heartbreak for their title rivals; Manchester United and Liverpool all because ‘luck’ landed on their favorable coin. But how far can and will their luck stretch?

If Arsenal takes the lead against Everton today, and Manchester City do not, West Ham United may be the first to capitalize on that and provide the premier league with a drama that in the last decade, Man City have never been victims of.