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Naira Marley under fire over plan to have sex with mother and daughter



Naira Marley sex

Controversial Nigerian singer, Naira Marley has revealed his intention to have sex with a mother and daughter together.


This has got a lot of people, especially women talking on social media after he expressed one of his bedroom fantasies.


On Thursday, the singer and Koleyeown crooner took to Instagram to make his sexual fantasy known.


He wrote: “I’m still gonna have sex with mother and daughter together one day sha. The mum should be younger than 40 and the daughter should be 18 or over.”


This comment generated lots of reactions from many Nigerians, celebrities included.

Nigerian Actress Ada Ameh was one of the first to blast Naira Marley, for saying he will have sex with mother and daughter together one day. Ada accused him of using his page to promote things that aren’t positive. She said she regrets the day she hugged him on the plane and called him the president of the Marlians because she liked him. She added: “I had to unfollow you mehn because you no get sense. You open your mouth say you wan sleep…


“Tell your mother that Ada Grace Ameh said, first of all, before you go sleep with mother and child, make your mama sleep with your papa brother. You no get sense. You be idiot. You be stupid boy.”


She asked why he can’t learn anything from the way Don Jazzy and other celebrities use their fame and social media accounts for good. She went on to call him other names as she berated him for his sexual fantasies.


Nollywood Actor Kunle Remi has reacted to Naira Marley’s statement that he wants to have sex with a mother and daughter together. Reacting to Naira Marley’s fantasy, Kunle Remi wrote: “How do people think? I can never understand.  How does one come up with thoughts like this? This is a serious mental health issue.”


However, after he made this statement and was criticised, he went ahead to call those who criticised him, hypocrites. Defending his action, he says he has a “right to threesome”, as long as it’s “consensual and legal”.

He went ahead to drop some series of tweets to defend his fantasy.




On Instagram,  he shared other crazy fantasies he has, then added that if not that he fears God and doesn’t want to go to hell,  he’d “do and undo”.

The post which many found offensive has sparked different reactions and Nollywood actress, Ada Ameh took to Instagram to thoroughly blast the singer.

See comments from other Nigerians below:


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