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“My ex-wife married me only for my money” – Comedian, Julius Agwu reveals



“My ex-wife married me only for my money” – Julius Agwu

Controversial Nigerian comic act Julius Agwu has recounted how not seeking divine counsel led to the failure and fall out of his marriage with his former wife, Ibiere Maclayton.

The comedian, during an interview with media outlet, The Punch revealed that at the time he was married to his ex-wife, Ibiere, he was struggling with a brain tumor.

“My ex-wife married me only for my money” – Julius Agwu

The “Rattle Snake” star explained that he later found out that his ex-wife was only attracted to his money during their marriage.

She then chose to end the marriage and file for a divorce when he was hit with health issues.

In his words, “I believe that any marriage without God would not last. When I married my wife, I did not even consult God. Some of us got married when there was so much money, and at that time, practically every girl wanted to be with us. But, after marriage, if anything happens to one, they would say, “I don’t want this man again”. I suggest that people should consult God first before getting married.”

The 50-year-old comic actor discussed his path to rehabilitation after his unsuccessful marriage ended. He stressed that, although the experience had taught him an important lesson, he did not rule out the option of contemplating marriage again in the future.

“Life is very good and enjoyable now. When that (separation) happened, I was fighting with a lot; thinking about my sickness and my family. I thank God, because I know everything happens for a reason. When there is life, there is hope. But, a time will come when I might reconsider marriage,” he stated.

Speaking on his new direction in life, Julius Agwu stated, “The truth is that, one’s health comes first. I have been low-key, because I had a brain tumour surgery in 2015 in the United States of America. I thank God that I am alive. Many people who had that type of surgery did not survive it. I believe God loves me because of my good heart towards everyone.”

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