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“Mr Ibu’s Family used me…” Jasmine Spills (VIDEO)



Mr Ibu's Family used me..." Jasmine Spills (VIDEO)

 Adopted daughter of popular actor Mr Ibu, Jasmine Okafor has finally broken silence after her release from the prison. 

Recall that wife of Mr Ibu, StellaMaris Okafor disclosed to the general public that Jasmine was her husband’s sidechic and that she had stolen the money that fans of Mr Ibu had sent to him with the intention of travelling abroad.

The single mother  has opened up about what she had faced in the hands of Mr Ibu’s family, especially StellaMaris.

She disclosed in a video how she became financially beneficial to the Ibu’s family after she returned from Cyprus.

She also added that Mr Ibu’s career was revived by her after her introduction of TikTok and social media awareness.

She said that the son of Mr Ibu was the person that Mr Ibu had placed in charge of the account that Nigerians financially helped Mr Ibu.

Drawing the curtain close, she said that Mr Ibu’s account should be closely monitored as his wife, Stella was a very extravagant person and she was currently secretly spending from the money paid for his health conditions.


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