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“I Like What Happened to Mr Ibu”: Young Herbalist Taunts Actor, Accuses Him Of “Fake Miracles”



“I Like What Happened to Mr Ibu”: Young Herbalist Taunts Actor, Accuses Him Of "Fake Miracles"

A supposed traditionalist/herbalist, Don Daddy has caused quite a reaction after rejoicing and slamming ailing actor Mr. Ibu an accusation of falsehood.

The spiritualist showed his pleasure as regards the predicament that had befallen the veteran actor, stating that he had anticipated it for a long time.

Don Daddy Accuses Mr Ibu of fake miracle

Don Daddy accused Mr. Ibu of staging a fraudulent healing session at the well-known prayer centre, Zion Ministry, solely to deceive the congregation.

According to him, he had predicted that if caution was not taken, the ailing actor may find himself in a wheelchair.

However, having a deep respect for Mr Ibu and his other colleagues like Nkem Owoh (Osuofia) and the late Sam Loco, the comic actor should come clean about the alleged staged miracle at the prayer centre.

Don Daddy further issued a warning that the actor would face the reality of his situation in the hospital.

See the video HERE


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