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“I was mistaken for a Prostitute” — Nigerian actress laments



"I was mistaken for a Prostitute" -- Actress Amarachi Amusi laments

Nigerian content creator and skitmaker, Amarachi Amusi, popularly known as Ashmusy, opened up about the misconceptions she faced due to her choice of outfits, sharing how she was mistakenly perceived as a prostitute.

During an interview on the ‘Spill with Phyna’ podcast hosted by Phyna, the winner of Big Brother Naija’s ‘Level Up’ edition, Ashmusy delved into the challenges she encountered before her decision to rebrand.

She recounted how her previous choice of sexy outfits led to her being labeled as a prostitute, a revelation that came as a surprise to her.

Amarachi Ashmusi expressed her awareness of the desire to showcase one’s body as a young woman but admitted she didn’t realize the unintended perception it generated.

Despite her active involvement behind the scenes, running a business, and participating in various projects, she found herself being unfairly judged based on her appearance.

In her reflection on the situation, Ashmusy highlighted the importance of dressing in a manner that aligns with one’s desired image.

“Before I rebranded a few months ago, I used to wear sexy outfits. As a young girl, one would want to show one’s body. I did not know that I was being perceived as a prostitute.

“It pained me when people insinuated that those things were bought for me by a man.

“I was later in my quiet zone, thinking about why I was being judged that way, despite all my works that they people were seeing.

“I then started watching my videos, seeing that most times my body was exposed, with my nipples even showing. I was being goofy, but I did not know that people had been looking at something else.

She emphasized that to be seen as a prestigious woman, one must be mindful of how they present themselves, acknowledging the impact that wardrobe choices can have on public perception.

Recalling her experiences, Ashmusy shared,

“I have realized that if one wants to be seen as a prestigious woman, one has to dress accordingly. One cannot be showing (sensitive) parts of one’s body.”

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