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Mission Impossible star, Cruise talks about ‘life changing’ role



Top Gun poster

If Hollywood action star, Thomas Mapother Cruise is known for one thing, it’s definitely cruising into the big screen doing his own stunts.

Speaking with Hello! Magazine, the Hollywood star revealed the Top Gun, was the one role that changed him, narrating to the magazine how landing the role of Navy pilot Pete ‘Maverick’ Mitchell in ‘Top Gun’ was “life-changing”.

The 59-year-old Hollywood star, who has always had a thing for flying, said it had always being one of his dreams either to be an actor or a pilot growing up (although, he did share the idea of becoming a catholic priest at a point though), and when presented the chance to become those two, at a sitting, he saw the thrill it brought him, and his career in the long run.

Speaking to the magazine, the actor while promoting his upcoming film; Top Gun: Maverick, revealed:  “All I ever wanted to be was a pilot or an actor, so ‘Top Gun’ was a huge moment in so many respects, including my passion for aviation.

“It was life-changing for me.” the actor said.

“I got to actually fly in an F-14 jet which was a dream come true, and play a character I loved in Maverick.”

For an actor who loves to do his own stunts rather than rely much on stunt doubles, the latest movie in the blockbuster series, ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ provided Cruise lots of opportunities to do more plane stunts than ever before, compared to the one he did in Mission Impossible 6 Rogue Nation.

He said: “The P-51 Mustang you see in the movie is actually my plane, so I got to pilot in those sequences. I also got to be in the jet fighter a lot more this time, which was thrilling.

“It was something I had been working up to.” the star revealed.

Tom Cruise is set to finally reprise his role as Maverick in the upcoming sequel; Top Gun: Maverick, as promotion enters top gear.