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Hollywood director opens up on Behind the Scenes drama with Brad Pitt



Hollywood director on Behind the scenes drama with Brad Pitt

Hollywood’s charismatic charmer, Brad Pitt may not always be a charmer behind the scenes, director Edward Zwick reveals interesting details on pop culture icon.

Hollywood Director Edward Zwick has opened up about the intense dynamics between himself and Brad Pitt during the filming of the acclaimed romance epic “Legends of the Fall” in the ’90s, shedding light on Pitt’s passionate and sometimes volatile demeanor on set.

In his forthcoming memoir, “Hits, Flops, and Other Illusions: My Fortysomething Years in Hollywood,” Zwick delves into his experiences working with Pitt, who portrayed the free-spirited and wild-hearted Tristan Ludlow in the film.

According to excerpts obtained by Vanity Fair, Zwick paints a picture of Pitt as a young and restless actor who could be “volatile when riled.”

Zwick reveals that Pitt expressed a desire to quit after just the first table read, indicating early tensions in their working relationship.

Throughout the production, Zwick and Pitt frequently clashed over creative decisions, particularly regarding the portrayal of Tristan’s complex emotions.

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Zwick recalls Brad Pitt becoming “edgy” when tasked with scenes requiring deep emotion, often challenging the director’s vision.

Their disagreements occasionally escalated into heated arguments, with Zwick describing one incident where they exchanged words in front of the crew, leading to chairs being thrown and the crew walking away to let them resolve their differences.