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Peter Obi voices concerns over Microsoft Nigeria’s innovation centre closure



Microsoft Nigeria: Peter Obi reacts to closure

Labour Party (LP) presidential candidate, Peter Obi has expressed concerns over the recent announcement by Microsoft Nigeria regarding the closure of its innovation centre in Lagos and the subsequent loss of 200 jobs.

Obi expressed profound concern over the closure of its Africa Development Centre (ADC) in Lagos, Nigeria, calling it a troubling trend that highlights Nigeria’s urgent need for substantial economic changes.

He stressed that the shutdown of Microsoft’s innovation centre is a huge setback for Nigeria’s aspirations to become Africa’s technology and innovation engine.

“The loss of 200 direct jobs, and several other indirect jobs, is not just numbers and statistics but represents the livelihoods and aspirations of individuals and families who now face uncertainty and financial hardship.

It is a blow to the efforts to create employment opportunities and drive economic growth in Nigeria, particularly in the critical technology sector, which holds immense potential for innovation and job creation.”

Obi emphasized the bigger concerns confronting the Nigerian economy, such as regulatory barriers and an uncertain business environment, which present challenges for both domestic and international enterprises operating in the country.

He underlined that employment losses, both direct and indirect, affect more than simply numbers, but also the livelihoods and ambitions of individuals and families.

Furthermore, Obi stressed the need to address the core reasons for the drop in investor confidence and provide a conducive climate for business growth.

He advocated for policies that encourage innovation, entrepreneurship, and job creation, as well as investments in education and skill development, to help Nigeria reach its full potential and compete in the global economy.

“We must prioritize policies that promote innovation, entrepreneurship, and job creation, while also ensuring transparency, accountability, and good governance.

Additionally, we must invest in education and skills development to equip our workforce with the necessary tools and knowledge that will unlock the full potential of our nation and position us to compete in the global economy.”


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