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Mason Mount didn’t leave Chelsea out of his own will — John Terry



Mason Mount didn't leave Chelsea out of his own will -- John Terry

The least news Chelsea fans may want to hear today, especially coming from a Blues legend, as former defender, John Terry has revealed there is more to Mason Mount leaving Stamford Bridge than meets the eye.

The Manchester United summer signing has faced a lot of criticisms lately from the Chelsea divide and some set of the Red Devils’ fanbase owing to his transfer to Old Trafford this summer.

The move followed a lengthy debacle between Mason Mount and the Chelsea hierarchy with both having a contract stand off that inevitably provoked an exit from Mount’s boyhood club.

Speculations reported the move being born out of salary increment dispute, with Mason Mount rumored to be holding out on a certain fee to keep him at Stamford Bridge past his prior contract, but with John Terry’s latest statement, it appears there is more going down at Chelsea than fans know.

Speaking on the shocking move to Old Trafford, the Chelsea legend reveals there are 2 coins to the story, a part of which he knows.

“Mase is proper Chels through and though. There always two sides to a story, I know the other side to it” he said of the transfer.

“I’m not going to air that now but there’s another side to the story. Let’s not be too harsh on Mason when he comes back.”

The former Chelsea player currently battles a fitness concern that keeps him out of the Manchester United team after 3 game weeks.

It is unclear when he will return to the team however.

John Terry joins a list of former Chelsea stars that have dropped a hint to problems behind the scenes under Todd Boehly’s new ownership of the club.