A pastor in Lagos State has been apprehended in court after defiling a young, 13-year-old blind girl under the guise of deliverance.

Ms. Sekinat Oredoyin, a medical doctor, told a Lagos State High Court sitting in Ikeja on Wednesday how a prophet, Olushola Akinsipe, allegedly violated a 13-year-old visually handicapped girl under the guise of conducting witchcraft deliverance for the victim.

Mr. Michael Adewoye, the state prosecutor, took Oredoyin, a public health physician at Yaba Local Council Development Area, into evidence.

The survivor, according to the witness, presented herself for a medical checkup with her father on December 12, 2020.

According to her, the survivor described how the defendant, the pastor of Power of the Home Deliverance Ministries, allegedly had five instances of forcible penetration with her.

The survivor and her father were reported from Owutu Police Station, she informed Judge Hakeem Oshodi.

The survivor is a visually impaired child and her father took her to the defendant for deliverance.

“She said the defendant gave her an unknown substance to drink after that, she could not remember anything but she was able to narrate to her father after he discovered a brownish discharge under her pants and interrogated her,” she said.

The witness also informed the court that the survivor had hyperpigmentation around her face and some markings on her waist that she claimed were injuries incurred during delivering.

She added, “The survivor said the defendant beat her with banana leaves during deliverance and also scrubbed her back with salt. The medical examination findings were in keeping with forceful vagina penetration.

“The blood samples showed pregnancy test was negative but because of the sour on her body, I directed her to Domestic Sexual Violence Agency for counselling.

“At that time, she was depressed as she believed that she was the one that killed her mother and she was made to believe that her father was not progressing because of her.”

The prophet is charged with three counts of defilement, improper treatment of a kid, and ordeal trial.

According to the prosecution, the acts committed violated Sections 128(b), 135, and 137 of the Lagos State Criminal Code of 2015.

The case was deferred by Judge Oshodi until April 17 for the continuation of the trial.