“Last week, in front of our street, they were stopping cars and commercial motorcycles and were collecting money. When they don’t get what they need, they will use daggers and guns to rob people.

 “They broke into my friend’s shop on Shofunde Street and went away with his generator last month. The next morning, he came to his shop but when he saw what they have done, he was not himself again.”

According to Kayode Ogunsola, a Bolaji Street resident, the ongoing activities of hoodlums in the area have forced residents to hire members of the Odua Peoples’ Congress (OPC) to safeguard their side of the street.

“We cannot allow thieves and robbers in our area here in Agbotikuyo. It is not acceptable. We have decided in our CDA to engage OPC members to start patrolling this area. Those boys don’t fear the Army or policemen,” he said.

A resident of Fashola Street, who did not want his name in print, told newsmen that the miscreants operated in broad daylight last week.

“Awawa Boys have turned Fashola Street into their headquarters. One house which has been sold but not yet renovated is where they stay on our street. If anyone comes too late at night, they will be robbed by these boys,” he said.

When contacted, the Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer, Benjamin Hundeyin, told the press that he is not aware of the situation.

“I am not aware of this matter but I will look into the matter and get back to you,” he promised.