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Kris Boyson Calls His Girlfriend “Rotten” After She Removes Her Stitches In Turkey



Kris Boyson who is the boyfriend of reality TV star Katie Price, was grossed out today after she removed her “rotten” surgery stitches in their hotel room in Turkey.

The 40-year-old filmed the stitches strewn across their bed beside a pair of scissors, before panning round to a disgusted Kris.

Showing off a close-up of her new face, Katie said: “Now that is love. Look at that them stitches out. Well done, babes.”

Kris Boyson replied: “That is rotten, that is.”

Earlier today The Sun Online exclusively revealed the pair are on holiday so that Kris can get a new set of teeth.

The couple, who split up briefly over the weekend, jetted off on a make or break trip.

An insider told us: “Katie and Kris headed out to Turkey on Sunday evening after a rocky weekend together.

The 40-year-old filmed the stitches strewn across their bed beside a pair of scissors.

“Kris has been looking after Katie since her last surgery and has now decided to jump on the bandwagon by going to the same place she went – to get a new set of teeth.”

“He recently had his car pimped up just like Katie and now he’s following in her footsteps with cosmetic alterations.”

Katie was pictured with a bruised face as they landed in Turkey, less than a week after she had her facelift and bum surgery there.

Kris already has an impressive set of gnashers
She hasn’t spent much time recovering, last week flashing her boobs at a contest called Porn Idol in London before heading off on holiday.

The shocking pictures of the night, which included shots of Katie’s breasts being licked by a drag queen, have done little for her relationship with Kris.

The personal trainer was “mortified” when she saw them – and decided he’d had enough.

A source told The Sun: “They had a furious row about it all and Kris called her a tramp and told her she had embarrassed him beyond belief.

“He admitted he was an idiot thinking she would ever change and said he feels completely betrayed by her.

“He’s stopped talking to her and was only communicating with her via texts but that didn’t last long.”

It’s though the couple’s joint trip to the clinic will be documented on My Crazy Life.

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