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Japa Syndrome: “Don’t worry, we have plans” — Tinubu



Japa Syndrome: "Don't worry, we have plans" -- Tinubu

In response to growing concerns over the mass departure of skilled workers from Nigeria, President Bola Tinubu has offered reassurance to the nation towards what he referred to as the ‘Japa Syndrome’.

He affirmed that the Federal Government, in collaboration with sub-national entities, will implement training programs to fill the professional void left by those who have relocated, particularly in crucial sectors such as health and technology.

President Tinubu delivered this assurance during the second term inauguration of Governor Hope Uzodimma in Owerri, the Imo State capital, on January 15.

Emphasizing the commitment of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) to education, Tinubu highlighted the significance of prioritizing the learning and development of children and youths.

Addressing the residents of Imo State following Governor Uzodimma’s swearing-in, President Tinubu addressed concerns about the trend of skilled workers leaving the country, often referred to as the “Japa syndrome.”

He urged citizens not to be unduly troubled, assuring them that the government would institute training initiatives to cultivate a new pool of skilled professionals.

“You see the priority in industrialization. Healthcare will receive more allocation and more attention. Don’t worry about what you are hearing about the Japa syndrome; we will train more people and we will supply them self,” President Tinubu stated.

In addition to addressing workforce concerns, the President extended assurances to the people of the South-East, affirming the commitment to enhancing the existing peace in the region.

He pledged that efforts would be intensified to create an even more conducive atmosphere for the residents.